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Gintomesh Studio is 3d art outsourcing studio made up of an independent team of veteran freelancers all working remotely from the Philippines. Our clientele consists of mostly midcore and indie game developers. We also work with clients in the miniatures/collectibles industry and film industry.

As such WE understand our clients' needs for a quality AAA product even at an indie budget so WE at Gintomesh utilize not only our sheer skill and talent but also incorporate a multitude of production techniques and workflows together with a strong asset management to ensure each character, prop or environment for your game be done in a timely and efficient manner. Never have to worry about managing multiple roles or dealing with inexperienced artists, we take care of both the ART and MANAGEMENT for you to ensure a cohesive and consistent look for your game, "Style-wise", "Quality-wise".


So Please don't hesitate to contact us for any freelance opportunities.

“Gintomesh Studio was the primary studio to create the unique 3D characters during the production. They were always on schedule and never failed to produce AAA quality art work. Being able to work with only written descriptions and little visual input is a testament to the skill set they provided. I would never hesitate to work with Gintomesh Studio again in the future." 




Check out the latest trailer for "Wasteland 3" that we have finally finished working on. Most of the characters and mechs in the trailer were created by us including main characters like Lucia Wesson, The Patriarch, Liberty Buchanan and the Psychopath. In total we created around 80 characters over the course of 2 years. Book us in the LONG term for your projects.

See some of our work credited in their artstation artblast here.



 Hardsurface and environment art

- Low polygon prop, vehicle, weapon or environment asset for AAA games

- high polygon model for feature film animation

-procedural based tileable texture creation methods in substance designer

Character Art

- Low polygon character for AAA video games

- mid to high polygon character for feature film animation and game cinematics

- old gen workflow and painterly style for mobile and indie games

- Digital sculpting and preparation for rapid prototype and 3d printing

- 3d scan cleanup (reprojection, retopology and decimation workflows)

Industries & clienTS serviced

- Video Games

- Miniatures and Collectibles

- 3d printing and rapid prototyping

- Film and Animation

- Augmented Reality

- VR



Maya,   Zbrush,   Substance,   Marmoset Toolbag,  Unreal Engine,  Marvelous Designer,   Photoshop,   Reality Capture  

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